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Forum Promotion Guidelines

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Forum Promotion Guidelines Empty Forum Promotion Guidelines

Post by Xclipse on Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:24 pm

Advertising Guidelines


- You must follow our main rules
- You must have 30 posts before advertising
- You can bump your topic every 24 hours
- Do not advertise another website/forum in someone else's thread.
- Do not advertise pay per click/money making affiliate program type links.
- You don't need to be the owner or administrator of the forum you advertise but you should atleast be an active member at the site you're advertising
- The URL you provide, must be working
- Do never PM advertise your site
- If you have 2 warnings or are banned from this site then your advertisement will be trashed
- When commenting on other people's advertisements, please try to be positive and/or provide your constructive criticisms (giving ideas on improvement or development). Negative comments that don't serve any purpose are not welcome.
- Only one topic per website/forum advertised. If you would like your thread deleted so you can start over with a fresh one, please PM me or any staff member.
- Dont just post a link, please include a description of your website/forum or follow optional template below.


Your name on site:

Thank you,

For any questions, PM a staff member or post in help & support


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