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FAQ: Dragon Descriptions (Spoiler!)

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FAQ: Dragon Descriptions (Spoiler!)

Post by Xclipse on Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:15 pm

Dino Descriptions:

Old Description: Never too active and yet never exactly dull either. Raptor like creatures represent the dino species. They're creatures of nature and act accordingly to what they want and what they're interested in. Hence, they are selfish, yet curious about others.

Egg: The Raptor like Dinos are creatures of nature. Their wild nature tends to make them selfish, acting on what only interests them and what they want. They can however become curious about others, always careful on their first meeting. They mostly prefer inactivity but can be very energetic when they wish to be.

Hatchling: The curious Dino hatchling loves to be wherever the action is; they can often be found to be the center of attention. Full of energy at this early stage, they are quite agile and can often lead the other hatchlings into mischief. Their bodies have characteristic red stripes all over, and they have small arms compared to their body size. Although the Dino isn't really a dragon, they do belong to the Dragonadopters family.

Child: Still very curious the Dino child is eager to investigate and lead others on their own adventures. The Dino child however needs to sleep more often now as its body uses the energy reserves needed for growth. Their tail and spikes on their back have grown.

Teenager: The Dino teenager is one of the most stubborn and selfish of the dragon teenagers. Their bodies have become very muscular, yet they are very agile and fast on their feet thanks to their long tails which they use to help balance them. Be careful now, their teeth are quite sharp!

Adult: Although small in body size compared to the other species, the Dino adult does not let this demean his stature. They are jealous of the fact the other adults species are larger than themselves, and imprudent in this fact. Their bodies are heavily muscled, but they have maintained their agility as their head and tail have become longer allowing perfect balance.

Ancient: The ancient Dino is no larger than when it was an adult, but its tail and spikes have become longer, unbalancing them and making them less agile than before. They need to slow down these days! They are certainly not the wisest of the ancients, and are still very stubborn in nature.

Eastern Dragon Descriptions:

Old Description: Eastern dragons are basicaly wise and mysterious beings. They are the most thoughtful and intelligent among all dragons and are very peaceful beings.

Egg: The wise and mysterious Easterns are the most thoughtful and intelligent among the dragons. They are very peaceful beings, making others feel at ease when around them. They are very tolerant and considerate to others.

Hatchling: The mysterious Eastern hatchling likes to sleep often, but when awake, like most healthy youngsters, they love to play. They are serpent-like in their appearance, and their whole body is covered in fur, except for their chest and head scales. They also have a beautiful long fur mane and tail that's soft to the touch.

Child: Although wingless, the Eastern has a very strong aura which allows them to fly with the use of magic. The Eastern child's aura is not quite strong enough yet for any proper flight, but they can however be seen practicing small bursts of flight like activity. The child is eager to learn and discover new things, learning fast and forever expanding its knowledge.

Teenager: The intelligent Eastern teenager is a calm character and quite charming, although a little arrogant at times. They have already gained at lot of knowledge in their early development and are still eager to expand their wisdom. Their characteristic whiskers are starting to show and their body length has doubled in size since childhood. You can now see some stiff fur around the eyes which looks like small, fragile horns.

Adult: The experience adult Eastern are very wise beings. Their body has become very muscular and they love to fly around, masters in their ability to use magic for flight. The whiskers have grown much longer now and small scales can be seen along with the fur on their legs. They are friendly and always like the company of others.

Ancient: The wise and benevolent ancient are very friendly and peaceful. Although still able to fly they prefer not to do so often now, preferring to leave the flying for the younger generation. The whiskers have grown yet again and both genders now have a little white beard.

Furdragon Descriptions:

Old Description: Furdragons are cute, kind and often very playful creatures. They are nearly fully covered in either soft or dense fur. Childlike by their nature, they make an excellent pet to have. Not very intelligent, but certainly friendly.

Egg: The cute Furdragons are kind natured and often very playful. Their bodies are almost fully covered with a soft dense fur. They're not the most intelligent of the dragons but are certainly friendly, almost childlike in nature making them an excellent pet to own. Some Furdragons can be a little finicky and demanding though at times.

Hatchling: The cute Furdragon hatchling loves to play all day long. Slightly naive in nature, they go along with whatever mischief the other hatchlings tend to get up to. Not being very strong, they normally end up being the first to get hurt in a scuffle. Their wings are too small for flight right now, but will grow later on.

Child: The Furdragon child constantly tests their fragile wings which have grown enough now for small bursts of flight before tiring. The skin on the wings has a silk like feel to them. Still very naive and playful, the Furdragon child isn't very intelligent but their friendly nature towards others wins them friends easily.

Teenager: The teenager Furdragons wings have grown both in size and strength. They are able to maintain uninterrupted flight for up to 20-30 mins at a time now before needing to take a break. They are still very playful and friendly, welcoming new friends easily, but on the rare occasion that they do get angered smoke can be seen coming from their nose.

Adult: The adult Furdragons have acute hearing, the best out of all the species. Their wings are fully developed, and the arms are now covered in a soft fur. Their tail still isn't very long but is still growing, and their legs have become muscular. Even as an adult they are still childish in the behaviour, and are very welcoming to any species willing to play with them.

Ancient: The ancient Furdragon is no longer so active, but is still a playful character. A small beard has grown under their snout, and surprisingly enough, the tail still appears to be growing! They no longer can be considered naive, and can be serious when the occasion requires.

Lizardus Descriptions:

Old Description: Agile by body and loyal by mind. Lizardus tend to act in hiding, but when encountered and friendly greeted, they may choose to communicate. They act on their own, take nothing too seriously nor act organized. They have little wings but aren't able to fly.

Egg: The loyal and faithful Lizardus are quiet natured creatures preferring their own thoughts, although when greeted friendly they may choose to communicate. They like to do their own thing and never take anything too seriously. Lizardus are quite clumsy and although they have wings they are too small for flight, even when fully grown.

Hatchling: The Lizardus hatchling has a happy and calm nature. Curious of its surroundings, it loves to touch and discover everything surrounding it. Lizardus like to rest often, but not always asleep, as they never wish to miss a thing. The hatchling's friendly character when greeted wins them friends easily. All Lizardus are born with characteristic white spirals markings on both of their legs which they keep throughout their entire lifetime.

Child: The Lizardus child can be quite clumsy with its massive feet and bulky body, and can often be seen stumbling over the most minor of things. They often need to take regular breaks to refresh their energy reserves. They are respectful of both their owners and the other dragon species.

Teenager: The gentle Lizardus teenager can be a little stubborn at times, but that's part of being a teenager. Their wings are at max growth by now, but because of their body size, instead of flight, they use them to keep their massive bodies cool.

Adult: The trustworthy adult Lizardus have now reached full growth, and their legs have become very muscular. Their large bodies make them clumsy, and they have a tendency of being lazy, often preferring to watch the activity than participate. They are quite intelligent and always friendly to others.

Ancient: The friendly ancient Lizardus has become even lazier; they can often be seen just relaxing in a comfy spot, watching the others and their antics. Although very experienced in life, they can still act quite silly when they want to, giving them that lovable character. They love to watch the others in their activities, and can become quite anxious if they find themselves alone.

Western Dragon Descriptions:

Old Description: Western dragons are very active and adventurous due to their muscular body and large amounts of energy. They seem to be impatient which makes dealing with them sometimes very difficult. In return they are confident, decisive and trustworthy.

Egg: The confident Westerns are very trustworthy. They like to be kept active because of their large energy reserves and can be impatient at times. Adventurous in nature and daring, they can be quite a handful if not raised properly.

Hatchling: The Western hatchling is full of energy and loves nothing better than to play all day. These youngsters only have small filigree wings so are unable to fly yet, their horns which are a major feature of the breed are starting to show.

Child: The Western child tends to sleep a lot, building energy resources for growth. When awake they are still very playful and can tire the most energetic of us all. Their wings have grown larger, but they are not quite strong enough for flight. Their general body condition is becoming more muscular.

Teenager: The Western teenager starts to get little frills growing under the horns, and their appearance is starting to look more mature. Like a typical teenager they occasionally can be grumpy, wanting to be on their own for short spells. They have started to test out their wings, strengthening them to prepare for flight. They have also started to discover the ability of spitting fire, although they are not quite successful yet at producing any real flame.

Adult: The adult Western's body has become muscular and full body growth has been obtained, their head frills have become much larger. They have mastered the ability of flight and spitting fire and look magnificent in flight, lighting up the sky with their fiery breath. Their attitude has matured and although they are one of the larger species their manner is gentle.

Ancient: The wise and gentle ancient Western is older but still has that playful streak making them excellent with the youngsters. Their wings are a bit worn as they are now showing their age, but they are still able to fly. The proud ancient can often be seen basking on the evening, enjoying the last rays of sunshine.

Wyvern Descriptions:

Old Description: Beastial from birth, these creatures never tire to challenge others or hold up their own position. Wyverns are strong, flexible and quick. One should only seek one when he too is wild and bold by spirit.

Egg: The strong and agile Wyverns are competitive from birth. They never tire of challenging others. Courageous and stubborn, almost fearless in a fight they always wish to hold a high position. Only those who are also wild and bold of spirit should seek to own a Wyvern.

Hatchling: Able to fly only a few hours after hatching, the small Wyvern loves to fly around on their fragile wings, and are very active when awake. With all this activity though, they soon tire themselves out and can be found resting asleep quite often. Already, the stubborn but brave character of the Wyvern can be seen in these hardy little youngsters.

Child: The Wyvern child's wings are starting to become a bit stronger and less fragile looking. Small, sharp horns have started to grow on their backs. They love to play, tag being their favourite game. Any game activities they do participate in, they'll always challenge the others to be the leader, and they're stubborn if they don't get their way! They can bit of a loner at times however; if not engaging in game activities they like to be on their own, preferring their own company.

Teenager: The Wyvern teenager has lost some of its stubbornness. The wings have grown, the first holes starting to appear as the skin has become slightly torn. However, this does not prevent them from flying, which is still their favourite activity.

Adult: The fearless Wyvern adult still loves to fly, but due to their wings being more torn they are unable to maintain flight for long, their wings tiring too fast. They often become grumpy, sulking at their inability to fly around as much. Being grounded more often though gives them chance to interact more with the other species and they start to learn to get on better with them. The horns on the Wyvern continue growing.

Ancient: The ancient Wyvern's wings have become too torn for flight. The proud and wise Wyvern is sad and even angry at this sometimes, but accepts life without flight. The horns have become quite long and horn growth has reached its maximum. They are more willing to accept the company of others around them these days./i]

Pterodragon Descriptions:

Old Description: None.

Egg: [i]The lively Pterodragon's have a very outgoing manner and when they set their mind to do something they do it with such zeal that you can't help but admire their determination. They are very outgoing and love the company of others, faithful to all that befriend them. They love to fly and their acrobatic activities are often frolicsome as they love to just goof around to the amusement of others. Only those people full of energy should adopt a Pterodragon, as they can become impatient if you are unable to keep up with their hectic lifestyle.

Hatchling: The playful hatchling is so lively it's rare you will find them sleeping. They only have small tails and a small, beak like mouth. The back and wings have small markings on them, and the wing skin is currently connected to the hind legs making it impossible for them to fly as of yet. This cheerful looking dragon always enjoys the company of others and will happily join in any games the others wish to play.

Child: The child Pterodragons are growing and developing fast. Their head features have gotten longer, and more chest scales have appeared on the body. They are now able to fly, flying so well that they can often be seen gliding on the air currents playing games, or just goofing around to the amusement of others. They are very outgoing, making friends easily, but impatient with those unable to keep up with them.

Teenager: The hyperactive teenager Pterodragons are so full of energy that they can still be seen flying into the long hours of the evenings, needing very little rest. Their body development is almost at its maximum, and markings have appeared along the neck area. They are very outgoing, and enjoy the company of any other dragon who is willing to join them in their acrobatic adventures and able to keep up!

Adult: Unknown ATM.

Ancient: Unknown ATM.


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Re: FAQ: Dragon Descriptions (Spoiler!)

Post by Xclipse on Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:46 am

Updated for Teenager Ptero.


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