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Post by Bambiy on Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:05 pm

If you have an issue, try the steps below. If you're sure that it's a bug, check Game Game Bugs/Display Errors or Forum Bugs/Display Errors for another thread about it. If there isn't one, make another one. Making a duplicate thread only slows down the process, as it adds clutter.

First, make sure that it wasn't some kind of oversight on your part. It happens. Double check any mistake that might have been made. e.g. missing an item when it was already equipped on the dragon.

Second, try a hard refresh (often Ctrl F5 on PCs, Shift Apple Key R on Macs) or clear your cache. The option is usually under Tools -> Options. Or, you need to search online for "cache clearing".

Third, try logging out and logging back in.

Lastly, restart the browser; close all browser windows first.

Here's some other stuff that's more specific...

Dragon changed stages but image is old./Sig image is old.
If the sig image is old and doesn't match what you see on the dragon page, just do a hard refresh (mentioned above).

How do I view my dragon's artwork?
You can visit your page while logged, or you can visit the dragon page using a browser that you aren't logged into.

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