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Post by Bambiy on Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:09 pm

You need to get a dragon first. I'll assume that you've already done that via the Register
link, if you're on this site Dragon Laughing. If you absolutely must know what your
dragon will look like, you can check out the sub-sections under Dragons!
The FAQ and Game Guide
are good places to start. Check out all the links along the side (under
your dragon's name) too. It covers the most common questions about what
are materials/resources, how to feed your dragon, etc.
Feeding Your Dragon
How do get clicks/Care for my dragon?/Focus of the Game
How do I get resources?
Do views have any affect/count as visits?
Next Dragon/Number of Dragons
Questions about Rank

Feeding Your Dragon
One thing that
still seems to cause confusion is how to feed your dragon. Think of it
like pet food. Buy Materials is the store; Dragon Care is the food
bowl. Never let the food bowl hit 0; that's all. Overfeeding your
dragon just wastes food, so don't bother with it! Note that food
doesn't affect growth.
L5: /15 | L6-? (at least 11): /20 | L16-20: /25
L21 (late 20, obs 96%): /30 | L30 (late L29): /35 | Late L38: /40
L50: 45 | during L64: 50
How do get clicks/Care for my dragon?/Focus of the Game
Dragonadopters is not a click spam site;
your dragon doesn't directly gain levels/XP from clicks. Visits to the
dragon page are capped per day (yours and visitors); the amount is
currently unknown. You can search for "click exchanges" and find
several if you really want to use them. I haven't linked to any,
because I really don't want any questions about issues with those sites
Also, after your dragon has hatched, don't forget to feed it under 'Dragon Care.'
How do I get resources?
automatically added to your account. If you want to know how long you
need to wait for one resource, you can use the values from your dragon
page and Calculators.
Does viewing the image have any affect/count as a visit?
No, views don't change anything. People must visit the page for it to count.
The main focus is that you pay attention to your dragon.
Visit the dragon page a few times a day; feed your dragon. When your
dragon reaches Level 10, you can start equipping items. You can choose
to craft an item or buy them from other players on the Items Market.
The Items section covers that.
Dragons on different accounts
can have the same name. Dragons on the same account must all have
different names. Names must be alphanumeric (letters and/or numbers
Next Dragon/Number of Dragons
This is
covered in the FAQ but gets asked a lot anyway. Your youngest dragon
must be Level 30 before you can adopt another. You can have a maximum
of five dragons. There's currently no way to release dragons.

How do I boost my rank?/What is rank affected by?
is affected by your dragon's growth. Items can also boost it; the ones
that can are special necklaces (increased rank points), special rings
(increased growth), and species-specific leg bracelets/scarves
(increased growth). Remember that you can't equip two growth rings. You
can find your rank on the Overview and Ranking pages.

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