Welcome to Dragon Den!

Posted by Xclipse on 14 November, 09:
Dragon Den is a very fun place where you can chat about Dragonadopters.com, get clicks for your dragons, read tutorials about Dragonadopters and much more resources for DragonAdopters, but if you don't play Dragonadopters, then you are very welcome to join too, it's not just about DA, but to make friends, have fun and chat about other things too also even if you play some other adoptable site (such as DragCave), we WILL allow you to discuss about it and get clicks for your adoptables of there too!

We're a very friendly community with a small amount of rules! You should register now and get the fun! Don't miss! After you've registered, please make an introduction in intro forum, We'll appreciate it and people will get to know you and you'll make friends! We will appreciate if you be active too, it's yours, and our benefit too! How cool!

About Dragon Den and it's History, it was created at Thursday 4 June 2009 and was closed down sometime soon when it was totally inactive! It was during the times of old Dragonadopters. Once the new Dragonadopters was released, Admins decided to revamp and remake it! We decided to revamp it and re-make it because we felt it'll be active and users didn't want to see it closed, now we're back and better than ever! We're glad to see people are happy too! The revamp included many changes, it was a surprise! It had new theme, new features, and much more!

We're looking forward to this site and we all hope it becomes active and won't fail like it did before! To be active, We definitely need you to register (if you haven't done so)!

Hope you enjoy the forum,
Thanks for Reading!
Dragon Den Team