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Virtual Pet Planet

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Virtual Pet Planet Empty Virtual Pet Planet

Post by Rhazze on Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:32 pm

This isn't just an ordinary planet with ordinary pets -- it's a unique forum with unique features with weirdd & unique pets!
Just check out the HTML homepage: http://vpetplanet.forumotion.com
Currently hiring staff!

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General Moderators
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We have friendly staff and check out a really cool feature called the Pet Comet:

"What is a Comet? What do they do?
Answer: Comets come on holidays or random days in which in a 4 day period brings luck and a random number of coins to random users. About 5 random people will experience the power of the comet during this special 1-4 day event.

There are 5 different types of comets: Luck Comets, Dream Comets, Water Comets, Laser Comets and Fantasy Comets. When the time is right, I will make a thread in this section, locked and pinned and put in calendar events that a comet will appear. But comets are rare. Here are 2 thing you'll require in order for me to run the comet:

-A pet and a name for it
-Have at least 20 posts.

Random members who will have the requirements above will get the power of the comet. And last, but not least, what the different comets do:

Luck Comets: Brings you luck and around 10-20 coins. (Random number)
Dream Comets: Brings you luck and around 21-30 coins. (Random number)
Water Comets: Brings you a lot of luck and around 31-40 coins. (Random number)
Laser Comets: Brings you a lot of luck and around 41-50 coins. (Random number)
Fantasy Comets: Brings you an impact of luck and around 70 coins, lower or higher. (Random number)

Any comments/flaming that you didn't get a comet or disagreeing with this will give you a lowered warning bar and I will punt you to the other end of space.


Luck - Like reputation field
Coins - Cash to spend on your pet

That is all."

So far everything is going great. You can also buy pet blocks for your pet for 300 pet coins each.

New features coming, like pet eyesight and hearing. But that's VPet Planet 1.1.

So come on and join the friendly community of ours! Dragon Smile



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