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Official Rules

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Official Rules Empty Official Rules

Post by Xclipse on Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:35 am


General Rules

1. No Flaming
Anything that is said or done to insult another member is considered flaming. All members must be treated fairly. If you don't like a person, then don't say anything to them. If you flame here, then you will get immediate 2 reminders, if flaming to staff, then it is immediate warning

2. No Unsolicited Advertising
Forum/Product Advertising is only allowed in "Promotion" section and a small link in your sig, don't put an huge image linking to your site or huge text and Never PM / VM advertise, you will get caught easily

3. No Discrimination
This is similar to flaming, but is not aimed at a particular person or social group, but towards an entire race, religion, gender, seexual orientation ect. Discrimination is a serious offense and will lead you a warning.

4. No Illegal Discussions
Quite simply, no discussion about illegal materials. No posting of pornographic images or linking to sites which have pornographic images on them. Asking for or offering illegal downloads is also not allowed.

5. No Alternate Accounts
One account per person. When you sign up, your IP address is recorded. Your IP is also recorded when you post. Multiple accounts from the same IP will only be allowed in the case of two siblings sharing a computer.

6. No Hacking
This includes hacking or threatening to hack the forums or administrative areas. This also includes hacking or threatening to hack other users over the forums. NEVER try to hack, we can recover easily. Hacking will result in all types of bans and we'll report you to higher sources and our host

7. No Harassment
This includes all forms of harassment. Things like stalking a user, repeatedly asking for pictures, phone numbers, MSN addresses. Harassment can also include sending unwanted sex pictures via PM to a user, or dirty talking to a member when they are uncomfortable with it.

8. No Impersonation
Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Do not sign up with names that would make people think you were an administrator. Do not use other peoples accounts or let other people use your account.

9. No Plagiarism
Do not steal other people's works and post them on this forum as your own. If you use something that someone else made, please give that person credit for it and don't steal things from here, we are copyrighted ©️, you will get caught

10. Do Not Argue With Staff
If you don't like something a staff member has said, use the PM system or a messenger to talk to them about it. If you still think they are in the wrong, speak to a director about it via PM or on messenger. Do not argue with staff on the forums and don't use the old "I don't have to listen to you" line.

11. Keep All Content At A PG-13 Level
Dragon Den is a forum with members of all ages. Due to having younger members on the forum, we have a rule that anything you post on the site must be PG-13 friendly. The exception to this rule is if you are maturely talking about a sex or bodily function and there is a reason behind the discussion. If you are just pointlessly and/or immaturely talking about inappropriate things you will be punished.

12. Don't swear
We have a great censor which can protect from almost all swear words, Don't swear for no reason or pointlessly, It is not allowed, Almost all swear words will be replaced by "*"s, but this doesn't work in chatbox, so please don't swear there, you will get 2 days ban in chatbox if you swear

Chatbox Rules

Please note that all general rules also apply

1. Don't Spam The Chatbox
The Chatbox is for talking to other members in a relaxed way. Don't make more than 10 shouts in a row. If you are just flooding the Chatbox then you will be asked to stop and your shouts will be deleted and you will banned from chatbox

2. Don't Stretch The Chatbox
Don't post words longer than 50 characters in length. "xDDDDDDDDDD!" is alright, but posting Ahhhhhhhh with heaps of h's just stretches the chatbox and the page.

3. Don't Post Large Images
It's alright to use smilies and icons, but don't post massive pictures in the Chatbox that will stretch it. As you all know, forum codes work in the Chatbox (image, youtube ect). The spoiler tags also work, so put those big images in the spoiler tags.

4. No Cybering
No cybering in the Chatbox. There are appropriate places for cybering and Dragon Den'ss Chatbox is not one of them.

Posting Rules

Please note that all general rules also apply

1. Post Threads In Correct Forum
If you post a thread in the incorrect forum it will be moved by a member of staff. If you are constantly posting threads in the wrong area, you may be warned or infracted.

2. Stay On Topic
Do not move too far from the topic of the thread. If you want to talk about something different, by all means, create a separate thread.

3. Bump Topics Every 24 Hours
If you have a topic and was last posted by you, and it was a 24 hours time period from that post, you could bump it. It could be 10 minutes early or something like that, but beware that if you constantly bump on a non-24 hours period, you may be warned of infracted. Also please don't bump other people's topics unless by a staff member, and posting on a 2-3 week or older topic may get you a verbal and then a serious warning.

4. Don't post SPAM
Posts containing only an image or only a smiley are not acceptable. Posts should be at least 3 words long, unless the thread topic is something like "Post Your Favorite Word" or "Post The Time". In these threads, a one word post is alright, and not post words in huge size, you will be punished / reminded if you do so

Avatar, Profile Picture And Signature Rules

Please note that all general rules also apply

1. Keep Content Appropriate
All avatars, signatures and profile pictures must be within the rules of the site (no pornography ect).

2. Signature Limits
Each group has various signature limits. However, if you have 3 massive images in your signature and no text you may still be asked to remove one or more images because the signature is still too big.

3. Staff Have The Right To Remove
Staff have the right to remove your avatar, display picture or signature if they think it is inappropriate. Most times, staff will ask you to change it first.

4. Advertise In Signatures Only
You are allowed to link to your site in your signature, or have a little picture with your site's name and URL in your signature, but avatars and profile pictures must not be advertisements.

Staff Rules

These rules apply to staff on top of all other rules

1. Follow The Chain Of Command
If someone above you asks you to do something, do it if it is fine.

2. Do Not Abuse Administrative Controls Or Privileged Features
Do not use any controls you get as forum staff for a joke or for anything other than doing your job, If you warn or ban a member, leave it in comment box so other staff can know

3. No Leaking Of Privileged Information
Under no circumstances are you to leak information to those not privileged to see it. This includes reasons for punishment, staffing discussions, or anything discussed on private forums.


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