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Minor Updates

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Minor Updates Empty Minor Updates

Post by Xclipse on Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:05 pm

Hello there,

We've made some new updates in this forum Wink

1. The "Dragonadopters Wishlist" forum is now a subforum of Dragonadopters Discussions forum.
2. The "Rubbish Bin" forum has been renamed to "Archives" and is now subforum of Site Discussions forum.
3. The two "Promotion" and "Graphics Corner" forums have been deleted due to inactivity in them.
4. A new forum for Dragcave has been created; Dragcave Discussions!
5. Dark Takua has been demoted to Normal Member due to huge inactivity. Sorry Dark.
6. DragonLX has been demoted to Forum Helper position, Sorry DragonLX but you were a bit too inactive. :/
7. Congratulations Winkley for being promotion to Global Moderator!

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