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Leveling Information

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Leveling Information

Post by Bambiy on Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:03 pm

Important: Level timing can no longer be accurately done due to the server update of only checking every five minutes.

Your dragon levels by itself but does need to be visited by you; it seems like a couple times a day should do. Visits from other people by clicking your dragon's link will also help, but there's a cap on that. Note that these are values that I've observed; it is possible that it may be off by a few seconds to under a minute due to just missing it.

Approximating time to next level: You can use the values on this page and Calculators.

How it was timed: To time your dragon's xp gain, the most accurate way would be by seconds, but that's impractical and a huge server strain. Try once every minute, though when you're sure about previous values, you don't need to check until maybe a minute before. Start timing immediately after XP gain. Picking a random time to start that isn't right after XP gain will make it inaccurate.

Minutes for 1% XP (no special items used)
I didn't start timing it until Level 9. Observed values (level not remembered) until that point were 10 and 12 minutes. Well, I have an egg now, so I'll be able to fill in the gaps Dragon Happy
L1: 4
L2: 6-7
L3: 7-8
L4: 9-10
L5: 10-11
L6: 11-12
L7: 13
L8: 14-15
L9: 15
L10: 16-17
L11: 17
L12: 18-19
L13: 19-20
L14: 20
L15: 21
L16: 22
L17: 23
L18: 24
L19: 25
L20: 26
L21: 26 (same, yes...)
L22: 27
L23: 28
L24: 28 (again)
L25: 30
L26: 30 (again)
L27: 31
L28: 32
L29: 33
L30: 33 (again)
L31: 33-34
L32: 35
L33: 35 (again)
34: 36
35: 36-37
36: 37
37: 38-39
38: 38-39
39: 40
40: 41
41: 41 (again)
42: 41 (again)
43: 42
44: 42 (again)
45: 43

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